M8 Live Sound Card

M8 Digital Sound Card Live Mixer Microphone Mixer Suitable For Live Singing K Song Recording


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    1. DSP audio processor: DSP audio chip, which can adjust the rhythm in time to make the audio signal clearer and more stable,
    The output sound is round and three-dimensional.
    2. Features: ear-returning effect, pause/play, DSP chip, bluetooth accompaniment, elimination of original sound, warm-up effect,
    High and low bass adjustment, one-key noise reduction, one-key internal playback, fader design, electronic audio, dual mobile phone live broadcast,
    Dual live broadcast, 8 live broadcast modes, long battery life.
    3. Press the button: The background music volume will be automatically lowered when the host speaks.
    Press the vocal mute button: Reduce the voice of the original singer and emphasize the voice of the host.
    4.bluetooth: Turn on the bluetooth switch of the sound card, turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone,
    Find the bluetooth name: M8, pair it, and then prompt that the bluetooth is connected.
    5. High compatibility: support most mainstream systems, suitable for Android, suitable for win7, suitable for win8, suitable for win10, suitable for MAC, etc.
    Support mobile phones, computers, tablets, notebooks, etc. Intelligently compatible with 500+ APPs on the market.
    6. A variety of popular preheating effects: It comes with live control effects to make your live room full of atmosphere.
    Like laughter, applause, please note, well, come on stage, the correct answer, it’s too hard.

    Product name: sound card
    Model: M8
    material: metal
    Colour: Black