4 Channel Mixer

4 Channel Studio Soundcard Usb Powered Live Dj Digital Mini Controller Sound Consoles Audio Console Mixer


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    • 3 channel signal input and 1 channel stereo signal input
    • 1 sets of main channel output, 1 set of auxiliary channel output and return connector
    • 1 independent recording output and monitoring port
    • Low-noise, high-precision microphone preamplifier, clear and clean sound quality
    • Balanced microphone XLR input and balanced line TRS input, 3-band channel equalization
    • 48V phantom power supply, provide polarized voltage for input port and convenient connection of condenser microphone
    • Headphone monitor interface
    • Quasi-logarithmic dual 10-digit LED level display
    • MP3 player module (USB interface, and display function)
    • The external switching power supply (AC100-240V alternating current) has the characteristics of flexible use and low power consumption