OEM/ODM Servise

Customized service process

As a professional Chinese musical instrument supplier, Melenmusic has always adhered to the philosophy of quality and service from the very beginning. Over time, Melenmusic has become known for its quality, consistency and reliability. We have professional equipment, workers and products to provide customers with professional OEM/ODM services.for details, please contact us.


Confirm the sample or product model

Contact us for a catalog, choose a model, or take a photo of the product/send a sample to us.


Confirm product data

Confirm various parameters of the product


Production samples

Produce corresponding samples as required, and modify or adjust if inappropriate.


Confirm the sample

The customer confirms that there is no problem with the sample.


Quotes and Cycles

Improve quotation and production cycle according to purchased quantity


Start mass production

During the production process, we will continuously update the progress to the customer and conduct at least 2 inspections. The first quality check is when the guitar is finished. The first step is to check that the internal structure of the guitar is intact. The second step is to check the appearance of the guitar. Such as headstock, LOGO, fingerboard, material, finish, accessories, etc. The third step is to check the sound of the guitar. The second quality inspection is before the guitar is put into storage, which is the same as the first quality inspection.


Delivery and Shipping

After the production is completed, we will take a photo for the customer to confirm. The customer then pays the balance. Before shipment, we will do one last quality check. We do this to make sure the guitar is the best it can be for our customers. Regarding shipping, we can ship the guitar to the warehouse of the customer’s freight forwarder. Or we ship to seaport.

What our customers said?

Why do many customers trust Melenmusic as their reliable musical instrument wholesaler? As a factory with 20 years of experience, we have strict production process to ensure quality. We have separate divisions to support the entire business.

My favorite guitar so far! Didn’t realise it had a matte finish but was not disappointed. The photos don’t do it justice as it looks beautiful and my walnut back adds to that. And the strong and warm sound it produces.
Richard Owens
The new model of PSAG-02 is really great compared to previous batches. Now they work out of the box. Just be sure to speak to your dealer to ensure they deliver this guitar from the 2021/2022 batch.
Rhonda Key
Marketing Manager
Their service is very good, I just need to place an order for them, and they will be ready for me from production and packaging, and they will also carefully paste the warehousing code.
Amazon seller
These products are of good quality and low price, but due to transportation and other reasons, there may be a loss of about 5%. The seller not only assisted us in solving this part of the loss, but also gave us a lot of advice in this regard to solve our problems.
Purchasing Manager